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International Lawyers

If you are looking for a law firm to help you resolve a problem involving a foreign country, we may be able to help you if, for example:

  • You were injured while outside the U.S. on a cruise, at a hotel, at an overseas worksite, or elsewhere. We recently helped one of our clients recover more than $5 million for an injury he sustained in Europe.
  • You are trying to re-gain possession of, or compensation for, land or other property.
  • You want to enforce a judgment involving a foreign country.
  • You are seeking to invest outside the U.S., including investment in Brazil under Brazil’s “My House, My Life” program.

What We Do For You

With more than 20 years of experience, including legal practice in the White House and the U.S. Senate and in 25 countries, we can help you develop and execute an appropriate strategic plan to achieve your objective. First, we help you choose the best path, whether it is through a lawsuit in the U.S. or in a foreign country, or both. Next, we identify the best evidence to gather or produce to present your case in the most persuasive way possible. Then, we work closely with you -- and, if needed, carefully selected foreign lawyers – to present your case. In short, we make it as easy as we can for you to understand your options and achieve your goal.

Free Consultation

We will be happy to discuss with you your case and your possible options. Please contact us by e-mail or by phone toll free at (877) 791-7577 or at (631) 246-5904.

Worldwide Services

From our offices in New York, we represent clients in other states and worldwide.